Sun + Jellyfish


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Protecting the skin from UVA/UVB requires scientific expertise

Safe Sea is world’s only dual protection from sun radiation and jellyfish stings. It was developed by biotechnology and marine scientists in over 10 years of research. The outcome are state-of-the-art sun protection products which are safe and convenient to use.


Why do you need to protect your skin from the sun?

Sun radiation penetrates the skin and causes sunburn, long-term skin damage, and possibly skin cancer. The UV light is responsible for this process, UVA and UVB.

UVAI (340-400nm) can cause tanning but has minimal erythemal effect. It penetrates deeply and can cause long-term damage.

UVAII (320-340nm) has a slight erythemal effect, causing redness of the skin.

UVB (290-320nm) causes sunburn and is a major contributor to skin cancer development.



UV-blockSafe Sea not only protects from sun and jellyfish, it also provides perfect skin care

Safe Sea are topical sunscreens that reduce or eliminate the skin penetration of UV radiation.

Our product line includes a range of sunscreens providing lower protection for daily use under moderate sun, up to ultra protection from UVA / UVB during extreme sports and on vacation at tropical beaches.

All Safe Sea products have been clinically tested in accordance with EU and FDA in various countries (including Thailand).

Safe Sea sunscreen products contain plankton extract, which benefits your skin with anti aging, skin conditioning and anti stress properties, that only alga standing in the oceanic salinity can provide.

Safe Sea’s unique ingredients hydrate and moisturize the skin while stimulating its immune system.

Safe Sea products contain Vitamin B & E.  Vitamin B is an anti inflammatory agent and Vitamin E an anti oxidant protects skin against free radicals during exposure to sun or UV radiation.

The Organic Line of Safe Sea is free of Parabens and does not contain any Perfumes.



Jellyfish Sting Protection

Safe Sea – the world’s only sunscreen which protects the skin against jellyfish stings, keeping ocean lovers in the water and out of agony.

Safe Sea contains unique, patented ingredients that deactivate the jellyfish stinging mechanism.  Applied on skin before going into infested waters, it helps protect against most jellyfish, sea lice, sea nettle and coral.

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How to use Safe Sea correctly

  • Apply at least 10-30 minutes before exposure to sun or the first bath.
  • Spread the sunscreen generously over the whole body. The skin should be completely dry when applying the product.
  • Do not leave any areas unprotected: a jellyfish will discharge its stinging cells with the minimum of contact.
What quantity should be applied?7-spoon
  • To ensure correct application we would recommend following the “7 Teaspoon Rule” created by dermatologist.This recommends applying a teaspoonful (of Safe Sea) to each of the seven parts of the body (i.e. legs, arms, torso, back & face):



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