Mosquito Bands

mosquite repellent bandsBugsLeave – All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bands

Mosquito bites can not only be very annoying, in some areas they can be life threateningly dangerous. Malaria and dengue fever are well known mosquito borne diseases in the tropics.

Many people apply dangerous pesticides! to their skin to keep mosquitoes away.  These are sprays and lotions that contain DEET, which is not only bad for you, but also bad for the environment.


Be smart and protect yourself with non-toxic BugsLeave bands.

They not only protect – they also look cool…

BugsLeave are adjustable ultra micro fiber wristbands with 100% organic citronella.  Citronella oil is a proven natural mosquito repellent.

The wristbands are DEET free and non-toxic! making them save to wear for adults and children.

BugsLeave was tested for its efficiency in a laboratory. The protection is up to 7 hours per time.  After use, put the wristband back into its package and reseal with the zipper.  It stays fresh this way and can be reused many times.


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